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The BLUEGILL / BREAM / SUNFISH - Americas #1 GAMEFISH & Fun Fishing Facts

Its a fun one! VIDEO LINK ABOVE!

The BLUEGILL / BREAM / SUNFISH - Americas #1 GAMEFISH & Fun Fishing Facts

That is a fact! Forget about the bass, trout, pike, salmon, fluke, striper or shark. The Sunfish, bream or bluegill is Americas #1 gamefish! The bluegill is thee most sought and caught game fish in all of North America. The bluegill can be caught just about anywhere from cities to country, lakes, ponds, sumps, river and creek, coast to coast. It is a formidable fighter for its size and makes a delicious meal anytime of year. Voratious to bite and willing to fight. Size up your lure, bait or fly for some bigger bluegills and have a blast out there from winter, spring, summer, fall and through the ice the bluegill is there. FACT, I am happy to share my experiences with all those around the world and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.

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