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Icing Sunset Perch

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Icing Sunset Perch


If you're ice fishing for perch and watching them ignore your hook all day don't go home too early. If you do you may just miss their only feeding frenzy of the day as the light fades from the sky to end the day. This has been some of the most consistent fast action perch fishing for us. You don't have to take my word for it though just watch this video and see how they fly out of the hole in the evening.
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Re: [Calicanuck] Icing Sunset Perch In reply to
So your advice to those of us that don't want to spend an entire day on the ice would be to fish the last half of the day, instead of the first half of the day because perch are more active, just as it is getting dark? I know it is rare to catch perch here after dark but in lakes that have both perch and crappie, your idea would be sound because night is when the crappie become more active and that be a good way to catch good numbers of perch and crappie on the same outingCool.
Do you still have ice up your way?

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