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Lindon tugfest 5-16-18

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Lindon tugfest 5-16-18
Met up with Outfishing13 this morning to hand off a salvageable castnet...and joined Catfishkraut and his brother in their kayaks. Our mutual goal was to harass some fish. Done and done.

Air temp at 6:30 launch was 50. Water temp 64. It got up to 68 by noon thirty departure. Water depth in the harbor was a solid 4.5 feet, but the color was a green that made me suspicious of an algae bloom again this year.

White bass were hitting around the rocks outside the harbor but I headed for the bubbleup. Picked up a couple of silly whities fast trolling on the way. Got a few more pitching around the pipe. Then I rigged a bait line and kept pretty busy for the rest of the morning with rambunctious kitties.

I had brought chub minnows, baby white bass from last year and carp meat. Got cats on all of them. Also got a few bullheads and white bass on the baits and fligs fished for cats.

Figured I got around 18 cats...none over about 25 inches. Several 2-footers. Got hits from out in 5 feet of water all the way in to about 2 feet.

Stefan and his kayaking brother seemed to keep pretty busy with all the usual denizens too. Glad to see it.

Outfishing and his fishing buddy cruised by to report that they had caught nothing but white bass at the Battle Creek inlet area and left to go find catfish elsewhere.

Nice day, steady breeze but not very windy. Looked for BLKs 36 incher but the best I could do was a 25 incher that punched above his weight and had me hoping for a few minutes.

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Re: [TubeDude] Lindon tugfest 5-16-18 In reply to
Looks like a fun outing... After seeing the weather today I wondered if we might see a report from you today!!! Glad you met my expectations and pulled off another great trip... I might make a late day fly by of Willard tomorrow afternoon... Check out the new toon, finally got it licensed and legal, so it's time for the shake down cruise... Want to try a FatBiker fly run and see if I can find anything... I'll be sure to take my fligs just in case... Thanks for the report and nice to see ya still catching in high numbers... Hope that means a couple will bite for me tomorrow... Later J
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Re: [TubeDude] Lindon tugfest 5-16-18 In reply to
Great pictures and report! It sounds like you had a great morning. I have to say though that I'm pleased to see that "clown" pattern working for you. I almost invested in more fire tiger the day we were both out at the island. You said the price had gone up 3 times that morning and I'm glad I didn't invest then only to see the price tankWink

Joking aside, most of my fish this year have come on a flait in that same chart/red spot pattern that Yakima Baits calls a clawn pattern.

I'm sure getting jealous of you retired guys lately. Between you, BLK there several others I'm am afraid all the cats will have pierced lips by the time I get back out there. Someday I'll retireWink

If you are planning a tirp to the south end, let m know. I have grandkids visiting in early June so I'm getting extra kitchen passes the next few weeks so that I can find some fish for them.
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Re: [Piscophilic] Lindon tugfest 5-16-18 In reply to
I have always done well with chartreuse/red eye on Utah Lake...for all species. I actually use two different colors of chartreuse. One is the standard yellow chartreuse. The other is my own custom hybrid with yellow and green chartreuse...making the exact shade I (and the fish) like most.

I have also started experimenting with the "three spot" pattern...on both chartreuse and white jigs and fligs. Sometimes seems to be the pattern du jour. (See pic below)

PS...trying to hatch a plan to hit Lincoln early next week. PM me for details.

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