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Lost backpack reward

fishing ICE TENT FLAG fishing
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Lost backpack reward
Lost a backpack at Mantua Wed May 16th. Haven't really fished it in several years. Waded out and set the backpack down on a bed of dry cattails at the water's edge, continued wading out a bit and when I went back the backpack was gone. I was thinking someone might have thought it abandoned and picked it up. If you have it, pm me and I will offer a cash reward for it. Most likely it was a boater, that edge of cattails is too difficult for an average angler to wade through so I doubt it was picked up by someone land bound.
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Re: [Fin-S-Fish] Lost backpack reward In reply to
I'm sorry that happened. Probably some well-intentioned person trying to help out. BTW, how was the fishing? Only ever fished there on the ice and would like to go again when the bite is on.

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Re: [catchinon] Lost backpack reward In reply to
It wasn't too good, a huuuuge year class of dink bass 6in long everywhere kept blocking access to bigger fish. They wouldn't leave it long enough for anything decent to take lol. All dinks thousands of them. Schools up 70 in places all 5 to 6in. Must have been a killer recruitment last year. Never saw such a dense year class of lmb ever anywhere and been fishing lmb hard since like 1995. It will be hot in about 4yrs when these things mature.