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Do you want some perch?

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Do you want some perch?
If so, I know where they can be found in abundance right now. Big Sand Wash, north of Duchesne, has loads of 9 to 9.5 inch perch and the fishing is hot!

I fished the reservoir yesterday with a friend and we found swarms of the perch just off the face of the dam west of the boat ramp. We fished out of our pontoons trying to target the SMB, walleye or larger Rainbows. We fished for several hours without success until we happened to find large schools of the perch on the western most section of the dam/dike. Just beyond the large rocky hump that makes up part of the dam there is a cove and the dike begins to turn north. There is also a pump house and some other structures on the dam near where we found the fish.

The water depth increases as you get further off the dam and we found the perch liked the depth to be just beyond where you could still see the bottom. 15 to 20 feet seemed to be best for us. We used small jigs tipped with a piece of nightcrawler or a perch eye or fillet strip.

I took home about 20 of the mostly 9 to 9.5 inch perch. I find this size works great for Coconut Perch or to use in TD's almost world famous Pig-Out Perch Chowder.

It's a long drive from the Wasatch Front but it could be well worth the effort if you want some perch. We talked with a couple of other boaters who had trolled for the larger trout and they got a few in the 19 to 20 inch range. It's a beautiful lake and it rarely gets too crowed. There is a boat ramp with room for two to launch at the same time and a short dock.


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Re: [TopH2O] Do you want some perch? In reply to
Great report, Mike! Thanks for the intel. I will have to slip over there within the next few days.
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Re: [hookngrinin] Do you want some perch? In reply to
If you do get over there, pace yourself. The limit is only 50!

I caught about 50 to 60 and kept 21. There are some 5 or 6 inch perch mixed in the schools and you'll have to weed through them. Once in a while the schools would follow a jig up to within three or four feet of the surface and you could clearly see them. I hooked several larger perch after a few dinks hit the jig and I didn't set the hook.


"Fish TopH2O and your skill will surface!"

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