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Friday river hooky

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Friday river hooky
Took today off. Got to Bear River Bird Refuge just about 630 ish. Beautiful day starting. Plan was to spend no more than 1 hour on any one spot unless it was producing fish. First spot, first cast, great big..............................SNAGUnsure
Over the next hour I had lots of little nibble tugs, nothing hooked. Ahi1953 stopped to chat a few minutes on his way to wherever. Moved on to spot #2, 1 hour, not even a nibble or a snag. Spot #3, at least this one chased the skunk away, even if it was a Carp. Allowed me to try out my new landing net. Got the Bear River bonus, for each Carp, you get to catch a small mud cat. OK, no net needed, but I took it anyway.
Had plenty of Carp cut bait, nothing wanted it today. Used up the dozen worms I took and called it a day.
"Even a so-so Carp and mud cat day fishin, is better than ANY day workin" Sly
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Re: [Tin-Can] Friday river hooky In reply to
My experience lately on the river has been tons of little cats chewing up my bait. Hopefully next time you will get a good one.
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Re: [Tin-Can] Friday river hooky In reply to
I'm right there with wiperman, lots of mudcats nibbling my carp chunks.... Drive's me nuts, but at least something is trying to get ahold of it... Glad you got after them... Later J

PS... Did you see Yote or someone said they had the docks in the water at Benson Marina over the weekend... haven't been down and seen them first hand, but sounds like that should help... Later J