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Atlas Mike's Miracle Thread vs...

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Atlas Mike's Miracle Thread vs Anglerdream Bait Thread!
Which Nylon Bait Thread Is The Best To Use?

For years i've used Atlas Mike's Miracle Thread for securing soft baits like fish & shrimp for chunking baits from the shoreline. It prevents the bait from being dislodged from the cast & limits the "little critters" from chewing the bait off before something big comes along. Just tightly wrap the stretchable nylon thread around the bait several times & pull the last wrap to dig the line in before snapping it off. Easy peasy.

Recently i found another similar brand dubbed Anglerdream Bait Thread. It also does the exact same thing that Miracle Thread can do at a fraction of the cost. Both nylon threads stretch & is invisible underwater. They both also come in supplied plastic tubes. So what are the differences?

Miracle Thread comes in a 100ft spool while Anglerdream length is 100m (328ft). Also the price of 8 vials of Anglerdream Thread is roughly that of 2 vials of Miracle Thread. The only difference in the actual product is the thread diameter of Miracle Thread seems to be slightly thicker. I used both products in the field and found nothing wrong. Both nylon bait threads held up extremely well during casting.

I still have a few vials of Atlas Mikes Miracle Thread that i got from Walmart so i will use them up. I'm sold on the newer brand Anglerdream Bait Thread simply due to the price difference & that the box i bought will last a lifetime (providing my fishing buddies don't watch this video & start asking for vials).

It's just a matter of personal preference which bait thread you prefer. No right or wrong answers here. For me handling & using these 2 products my mind is made up. Good luck to all out there!
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Re: [ScubaChris] Atlas Mike's Miracle Thread vs Anglerdream Bait Thread! In reply to
Question Chris, is the nylon used in the thread biodegradable? The reason I ask is that if a fish swallows something that is nylon and it isn't biodegradable, isn't there a chance that it could kill the fish? I know you usually release a lot of your fish but if they break off or you released them, I cannot imagine it would be good for them. If you were keeping them, I guess it would not matter. Not trying to attack you but since you did not mention it, I thought I would ask.

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Re: [wiperhunter2] Atlas Mike's Miracle Thread vs Anglerdream Bait Thread! In reply to
Good Question,
I don't think it's a major concern. Either 2 things happen that i notice using Atlas Mike's Miracle Thread over the years-

1) The tiny bait-stealers will eventually pick that hook clean. I know they're tiny because they don't ring the bell.

2) When a big fish hits the bait the bait is still on the hook when i bring it in. I only use offset circle hooks which means the hook is sunk into the edge of the mouth & not in the gut. If i used a different type of hook that ends up in the gut, it'll be different.

I thought i was a hard core Miracle Thread user. But when i ordered a bunch of these from China and got the box in 5 days, i was blown away by how cheap it was and how well it works. Chris:)
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Re: [ScubaChris] Atlas Mike's Miracle Thread vs Anglerdream Bait Thread! In reply to
OK thanks for the info Chris. That's a good price for sure, kind of the same reason why Wal Mart does so well, it is hard to compete with their prices.

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