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Here Piggy Piggy

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Here Piggy Piggy
Toyed with a trip to da Gorge, but ended up with a quicker run to Porcupine to feed my koke addiction.

On the water before 7am, we both boated a fish within 30 minutes. Overall a fairly slow day, but sure beats a day at the office! Might have done better, but when the fish-finder battery conks (what? you didn't charge it?) and leaves you blind, then you end up too shallow and lose a rigger-ball and a dodger setup, yeah - shoulda brought a spare battery for that!

Water is high-high-high

My chariot awaits

Rigged and rolling

Cookies for everyone!

Cookies all gone - now for some Salmon!

Grilling and chilling.
Tater slices, veggies, corn, and of course Kokanee.

I love summer!
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Re: [CoyoteSpinner] Here Piggy Piggy In reply to
Did you get a new boat Yote? Looks like a nice rig, congrats... Looks like you're eating well too... Been wanting to get up to Porcupine but mostly just wanting to get out again, it's been way too long... Glad you found success... Later J
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Re: [SkunkedAgain] Here Piggy Piggy In reply to
It's a coworkers boat. I've been on his boat more the past couple years than my own! (too few trips!)

Wasn't so sure about launching his rig there, but he was gung-ho. Water is high enough, the back launch is sandy and firm. No problem at all, AND Don's got his motor working - finally! It's an 18ft fiberglass.
But alas, he's got manual riggers. I like my electric Cannons!

I'm thinking a camping/fishing trip with my honey should be in order soon.

We'll probably be floating your back yard this Sunday.
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Re: [CoyoteSpinner] Here Piggy Piggy In reply to
Sounds good, I may have to take my big motor back over to Don's it's not running very well this year. Guess I'll be in church Sunday so I may miss ya, but if I see your rig while I'm running back and forth I'll try and stop by and say hey. If things go well I might get fishing again this weekend. Good luck. J
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Re: [SkunkedAgain] Here Piggy Piggy In reply to
How would you get there from SLC?
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Re: [fish_hntr] Here Piggy Piggy In reply to
I wouldn't, I'd go to Strawberry, bigger badder Kokes!

But, depending on what you're hauling - there's a route from Ogden past Pineview, but it's some dirt road (haven't been on it in a LONG time), so not sure if you want to rattle a boat.

Through Brigham, up to Cache Valley, then you can cut through Hyrum, then head South to Paradise, Avon, and you're there.
If you're not familiar, it's a small wakeless lake, no actual "boat launches".

Been wondering how the Kokes are doing in the newer planted lakes, is it Causey and some others up that way? They're a few years in now.

Porcupine does have some big browns. Rainbows and Brookies to I believe, though I usually target the Kokes.

It's an addiction!
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Re: [fish_hntr] Here Piggy Piggy In reply to
I agree with Yote, don't waste your time on the little dinky fish at porcupine, we fish it because it's close to us, but if we could fish the berry at the same or even a little further distance we'd be there all the time. I can get to porcupine in 45 minutes and it's over 3 hours to the berry. The Koke up here are the minor strain that tops out around 13-14" instead of 20+. So average fish is 11-12" and way under a pound. I'd prefer the 3-4 lbers. Not even much for camp spots around the pig either so it's a day trip location. It is a little less crowded so it does have that going for it. If you need detailed directions let me know it's not the easiest place to find the first time. Later J

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