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Cutler mudcats

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Cutler mudcats
Had some extra time Friday night and made it on out to Cutler for some catfishing. For some reason I just couldn't keep the dang Mudcats of my line. Ended up pulling in somewhere in the ten to fifteen range of those little fellers and wasting some good time. Only got two channel cats and they were only about 10 or 12 inches each so not even worth a picture. Channels came well after sun down so they seem to be feeding pretty late now. Overall not the greatest fishing but it sure beats working.
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Re: [Fishnotcatch] Cutler mudcats In reply to
Nice job! ANY fishing is better than working...a few of us in here can attest to that. We can't ALL be like Tubedude and TinCan and BLK and others! :)

Dang mudcats. I'd probably rather be skunked than catch those pesky things.

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