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Franklin County reservoirs July 4

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Franklin County reservoirs July 4
Started fishing at 8:00 a.m. at Winder. Water level was about 8 feet below the high mark. Fished from the dam and caught lots of small bluegill, nothing over 6 inches. Saw quite a few small bass swim by as well as a few small trout. After about two hours I went to Treasureton and again fished from the dam using mister twisters on a barbless hook. Caught half a dozen largemouth bass that ran 9 to 10 inches. Couldn't get any rainbows to bite. At around noon I tried Condie and had good success catching and releasing a good number of 12 - 15 inch bass. Also caught and released quite a few bluegill up to 8 1/2 inches. That reservoir was completely full and crystal clear on the 4th. The only downside was two large boats, one pulling wakeboarders, that zoomed around that small reservoir making waves that stirred up the mud near the shore. There is a sign at the boat ramp that says "10 HP Max" but it looks like people don't pay attention to it. The photo is of a Condie bluegill.
image/jpeg Condie.jpg (2.13 MB)
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Re: [10_ft_Jon_boat] Franklin County reservoirs July 4 In reply to
thx for the report! that's a good looking gill!

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