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X-Games and New Math at Willard

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X-Games and New Math at Willard
Between the wild weather and mostly ho-hum reports from Willard I did not have high X-pectations. But I launched at the north marina anyway. I had some new X-perimental stuff I wanted to try and some new spots to X-plore.

Air temp at 6:30 am was 72. Water 80...warming to 82 about noon. No skeeters and only a few midges. Only a wakeboard getting ready to launch about the same time I did. Those guys got no mercy.

Glassy calm as I headed out of the channel. Put out a line with a minnow on it and went bendo almost instantly. Yee haww. Nice twenty plus inch channel cat to start the day...and the sun wasn't even over the mountain yet.

Made S turns along the old road bed...and "Rocky's Reef". Saw some big shad clouds and a few other fish hanging around here and there. Dragged plain minnows and fished both minnows and crawlers on a variety of colors of fligs. Caught cats on just about every color I tried. And virtually every hit on a flig was a hooked fish.

Also threw a few plastics and cranks. All that got me was a scaly golden wiper on the plastic. But when he hit and then made a good run I was hopin'.

I did see a few splashes and slurps that I guessed as being wipers or other predators sampling the new crop of shadlets. Didn't see any boils or any big bunches of birds working. Did see a couple of terns occasionally dropping down to pick up single tidbits.

Thank goodness for the everlovin' kitties in Willard. They kept the day fun, anyway. They all hit hard and fought well...often punching above their weight class. Biggest was about 22 inches but I did catch several barely footlongs or slightly larger. Good to see a new crop coming on.

My purple fligs accounted for a couple of good sized cats...and even one misguided perch. Don't know who was more or the perch.

I had been served notice that I had to produce a new batch of smokitty or suffer an uprising among my "dependents". So I did put 8 smokeable cats in my basket. All in all, I figure I caught about 20 cats over the course of the morning...before the power squadron hit the water about 11. When the surf and the noise level...motors and too loud, I headed for the ramp.

Math question: If you catch 20 catfish, and keep 8...and then lose many will you have left? Answer: 3. Couldn't believe it when I got to the ramp and picked up my fish basket to take the obligatory "got mine" picture. There were only 3 fish in it. When I lifted up the basket and looked closely I could see why. 5 Houdini cats had found and enlarged a hole in the wire mesh and had made their way back into the lake. If there was any doubt all I had to do was look at the slime around the hole in the basket. The three left in the basket were 3 of the larger ones that couldn't fit through the hole. Their bad luck. They may have avoided the smoker but not the hot oil for a small fish fry tomorrow.

(This post was edited by TubeDude on Jul 12, 2018, 4:01 PM)
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Re: [TubeDude] X-Games and New Math at Willard In reply to
Looks like you had good morning of cat catching for sure Pat, so I guess the equip check out was a success, but you'd better run some wire across the hole in your bucket - or the family is gonna wonder what you are really doing on your excursions - LOL

We should have things wrapped up with helping our kids this Saturday - man is it hot to be moving furniture between houses this time of year - whew! Then we hope to get out to Willard or the Berry early next week ( fingers crossed).
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Re: [jjannie] X-Games and New Math at Willard In reply to
Not my first rodeo...or the first time I have had a wire mesh fish basket "spring a leak". After a lot of use the wire gets abused and brittle...and subject to breaking. And once one wire breaks, others are likely to follow. Poor TubeBabe once lost a whole basket full of big yellow bass (in Arizona) when a hole opened up in her fish basket.

It is easy to repair the holes with stout braided fishing line. But, again, once the wires start breaking you are better off replacing the basket.

Hope you can get back on the water soon. In our stressful world, a good brain-broom from fishing is not a's a necessity.

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Re: [TubeDude] X-Games and New Math at Willard In reply to
It's your own fault TD, you abuse those poor baskets to the point that failure is a forgone conclusion. Just have to buck up and go get a new one to start the abuse all over again. Is there a #abusing fish baskets!!
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Re: [Therapist] X-Games and New Math at Willard In reply to
Hey, I'm used to being told that everything is my fault. Married, ya know.

But don't worry your purty little head. Got a new one on the way from Baskets R Us. Plan to abuse it to the fullest.

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Re: [TubeDude] X-Games and New Math at Willard In reply to
Jeez, TD, you just added to the Friday 13 myth.

At least the three remaining kitties got have their own "fryday" of bad luck.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult
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Re: [RockyRaab] X-Games and New Math at Willard In reply to
What's unlucky about being invited home to dinner?

My only concession to the bad luck myth is that I never walk under any black cats carrying ladders.