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Ice in August

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Ice in August
Usually around this time I start to think about ice fishing to take my mind off the heat or unsuccessful trips.
Kind of like Christmas in July on tv ( made for TV Christmas movies must be pretty cheap to show) but not as asinine, its a good time to think of what you're looking forward to this winter, good memories or anything else.
I'm mainly looking forward to no mosquitos, ticks, spiders* and rocks.
Have to add intense sun and smoky air to my summer hate list, people who swim in untreated water to my annoyance list.

*in webs, do OK with spiders on me, then they're the intruder and usually don't bite. Its more of a honor to have them building webs on you, or a sign you need to move more, catching bugs with your own spiders web is just a sign of patience.
"what we need now is more wires on our devices to tether us unto earth, where our minds belong" -Fransis Bacon
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Re: [willami] Ice in August In reply to
So how was your ice fishing?
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Re: [taftscout] Ice in August In reply to
Seen some ice in the stream and puddles up on the Fish Lake unit last week while I was deer hunting... probably be awhile before it's fishable though... Still the same it's coming... looking forward to the hard water... Later J