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tuna overnight

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tuna overnight
Hi California Anglers
I am from Utah and 3 of us are coming out for our first overnight tuna trip. I am looking at which boat to book right now and I am having a hard time deciding between the Tribute with Seaforth or the Old Glory out of H and M Landing.
We are going to try for one leaving on a Wednesday or the Thursday night. Also not sure which night is better and maybe less anglers and not as crowded.

From the Youtube videos it looks like a lot of flylining with live bait for yellowfin and skipjack. Which size hook would you recommend. 4/0 or 5/0 live bait hook with the ring? I have the large Salt Striker reel that I use for sturgeon and it currently has 80lb braid. I was planning on using a 4 ft flourocarbon leader at 40 lbs. Would that work or should I load up that reel with all new line?

Should I buy any lures to try out? Thanks for the help. Jay