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This Was At The Entrance To Pearl Harbor In Hawaii!

This happen casting off "Broken Pier" at the entrance to Pearl Harbor on Oahu. I dozed off & got a strike on my Okuma 11" Cedros Surf with a Azores 65 Spinner on it. Took me 20sec to get to my rig. I could feel it "bouncing" off the bottom before it spit the hook. The leader & lead line was scratched-up. Could've been anything from a large eel to a turtle. Knowing this area also could've been a ray, shark or small GT.

When the line first when "pook", i thought i lost it. Then i could feel it pulling slowly like it was turning around something. Then it pulled hard & the line got hung-up. After a good pull i felt the lead bouncing on the bottom getting stuck a few times. Because of the feel & the fact it stayed on the bottom i really think i may have hooked a large eel that was going from structure to structure trying to dislodge the hook. A ray or shark would just keep swimming.

Then latter on 2 piles of baitfish broke the surface near where i first threw the squid bait. There was definitely fish around. This is just a fun video looking at what we anglers sometimes have to go through.