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Fish Finders

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Fish Finders
Hi, my name is Kent. I'm new to the forum. I'm just looking for some advice. I'm a KOK addict. I don't read many posts about people fishing Jondanelle for kokanee. I'm just wondering why people don't fish it. It's okay with me. It makes less people than Strawberry. My wife and I fished it 3 times this year and did very well. The largest was 17 1/2 inches with an average of 14 inches. I will post a picture later.

I'm in the market for a fish finder. I currently have the Humminbird 587ci. I'm looking for a better one. I've been looking at the Helix 7 or 9. I've read posts and seen youtube videos of Roberts. I'm just looking for suggestions to see if these are good choices or if there is anything better out there in the $1200 range. Please give me some feedback of what you have tried and been successful with.
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Re: [KRHansen] Fish Finders In reply to
Im very happy with my heix 9 Cool
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Re: [KRHansen] Fish Finders In reply to
I have a helix 7 di on my boat and am very satisfied with it.

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Re: [KRHansen] Fish Finders In reply to
I just bot a SOLIX 12 CHIRP Mega SI

I may Sale my 8" Onix only thing I have some friends that don't have any thing close to this.

I would think about this I don't use Side Imaging Sonar for kokanee but it will work for them. you just need to learn how to use and read it and what Frequency to use it has three 455/800 KHz & 1.2 MHz when you go over a school of kokanee mark them right where they show up . lot of youtube videos on how to use them.

Humminbird Helix 9 Chirp Mega SI/GPS G2N Combo
$1,169.95 no tax

sometimes you can buy them cheaper in Dec and Jan.
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Re: [liketrolling] Fish Finders In reply to
There once was a day that one finder brand was better or easier to use than another. It does not seem to be true today, they are just different. If you know how to use Hummingbird, then stick with it, but Lawrence and Garmin are also good.

The prices depend on which features they have and how big the screen size is. But, don't let the screen size fool you. I could not get the 9" to fit under my windshield so 7" is my limit. Measure well so you don't find that you have a huge screen and no place to mount it.

As for features, most of the newest units use a multi-frequency beam now, something that 'Bird calls C.H.I.R.P. It gives far more detail then the older 2 or three frequency units. Make sure that the unit has this new feature.

Next, GPS. I won't have a unit without it. With GPS you can locate proper depth and structure changes if you are a "structure fisherman". Marking "hot spots" or trolling paths, is also a great feature. You can also use it for navigation in the fog, or at night. My first few units did not have it, but when a bank of fog rolled in on me on a giant lake in Northern Idaho, and I was lost for about 4 hours, I had a GPS the next day. Did I mention I won't have a boat without a GPS enabled finder? LOL Now, if I am in cell phone areas, or on a tube, or a handheld GPS, I guess I could live without it.

DI or down imaging is awesome, once you learn to read it. The detail they provide is incredible, but if you are not a bass or walleye fisherman, I just don't think it helps that much. I am not saying I don't like it, but don't spend what you don't need. You will not see trout setting on the bottom, or catfish belly to the mud, but, once you learn to see the "shadow", you can see them better then with a regular unit in the tree branches or rock piles, or just over bottom.

Side imaging is also excellent. It still shoots a cone down the sides at an angle so you will not see shallow fish off to the sides, or fish directly under the boat, but if you are trolling for Lakers, Kokes, or other schooling fish, it can really help locate fish that are moving away from the boat. Again, it is awesome detail, but you are looking for shadows, not arcs on the screen. It takes some time to learn to use it. It is not necessary, but it is useful.

OK, for the most part, if you have a unit with two or more of the features above, then you will have split screen features, but it is important to confirm it. You must confirm this. It really is a good idea to be able to see the lake map, the down imaging, and the side imaging at the same time.

Many units have one or two features, but getting all, or most, of them will probably require ordering it in. But, with your price range, you can get an excellent one.

One last piece of advice, if you go to Store X and they have it on sale, it is almost certainly an old unit, one about to be, or has been, replaced. The store profit on the units is so small that they just don't do sales unless the units are being upgraded. Still, if the older model does what you want, and you don't need the newest technology, then last years model is so much better then the old unit I have on my boat.

I hope that this helps some.
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Re: [Anglinarcher] Fish Finders In reply to
Thank you to all you that have responded to this post. This gives me a lot to think about. I had never considered the size of the screen. I'm only going to be fishing for Kokanee and Lake Trout. I am electronically challenged. So I just hope that I can make the one I buy work Smile.

I said I would upload a picture, so hopefully it worked. I'm still new at all of this. This was taken at Jordanelle. We fished with a pink and orange watermelon sling blade and a white squid and green squids and orange Brad cutbait with tunafish.

The best part about all of this is that I have been able to get my wife to enjoy fishing. She even went fishing with me to Alaska and really enjoyed it. She asked me when we can go again.

This has been a win/win for me because it makes it easier for me to spend money on fishing when she like to go too.

Thanks again, looking forward to a lot more posts.