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We filmed it!

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We filmed it!
Hey everyone,

My name is AJ King, and I hope this post finds you well (and if not, perhaps this might help change that)!

We made the pilot episode of a tv series on spec, to see if there's any interest in the concept.

I'm new here, clearly, so I can't post a direct link to it, but the pilot episode is now on YouTube. You can do a YouTube search for: 'The Fishin' Musician's Kitchen' and find both the trailer, and the full pilot episode, for free!

If we can build enough of a fan base, we'll hopefully be able to make more episodes, ultimately leading to a season with some pretty cool surprises built in. I dropped it onto another forum and it seemed to be pretty well received, so I thought I'd reach out to you lot!

Anyway, if you have ~22mins to kill, and want to join us for a fun fishing adventure on the Canadian west coast, we'd love to hear your opinions!