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CJ Strike

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CJ Strike
I had a great day pulling in trout on CJ Strike yesterday. They ranged from about 12 to 15 inches. I let them go so they could add an inch or two for my next trip.

I also saw lots of perch remains at the AF ramp cleaning station on Saturday morning. People must have been doing well for perch even after a full moon.

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Re: [physion] CJ Strike In reply to
Glad you got into them. Kali and I fished for trout at CJ about a month ago, and gave up after an hour of trolling without a single strike. Figured perch would be more exciting!! Were you using downriggers, or were you on top? Think Kali and I will have to take the grandson over there this coming weekend, if the weather cooperates. We fished it for perch a week ago, and had small perch messing with us until we switcched to bottom bouncers rigged with a snell hook and shrimp, and then it was nothing but very nice-sized perch. Go figure! Nice to hear from you. Mike
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Re: [Kodiak1] CJ Strike In reply to
I have sent you a pm with very specific details. Good luck. I hope to get back over on Thursday and/or Friday.

Physion Fred