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Let's Look At Okuma's Solterra SLX...

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Let's Look At Okuma's Solterra SLX-15CS Reel!
Graphite Lever Drag For Trolling! Jigging! Shore Casting!

I just received this Solterra Wide Conventional Reel. I had the older Solterra SLR-15CS from 2014 that had the Magnetic Cast Control but no concentric spool rings. Im comparison the stats are virtually identical. The aesthetics of the newer unit is obvious.

I plan on shore casting using this unit day & night. Since i'm new to this reel i need to spend some time at the park casting it with varying weights to find that "sweet spot". I'm thinking of putting 80lb braid backing to a 50lb mono top shot. I just spooled 7 reels for +$200 this week so going to take a break spooling line till next week. Plus the storms & resulting brown water alerts aren't helping. Hopefully i'll get some time casting this reel before hitting the reefs.