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The Science Of Selecting Gear For...

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The Science Of Selecting Gear For Nomad's Fishing Bag!
The Importance Of Nomad's Compact Fishing Bag!

I wanted to keep items together for 3 types of fishing.
1) Popping or plugging.
2) Jigging.
3) Bait casting.

Of course the rod & reel will reflect my multi rod needs. Now i can just bring only 1 bag instead of 3. More convenient & cheaper to. The Rod that i call my "multirod" is Okuma's Prototype 2019 Shoreline Plugger. The reel is the new 2019 Blue Azores 6000 Spinning Reel (obviously your individual needs will differ from mine for your targeted species & the topography you're fishing in). I can still add items like bait bags to spin casting hooks but still playing around with the tray's configuration.