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Rabbits or extended archery Deer?

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Rabbits or extended archery Deer?
This is my 13 year old sons first year hunting Archery deer. We have hit the extended hunt pretty hard, and haven't had much luck. Tonight when we were spotting a hillside I got the impression that in my son's mind, I am the worst hunter ever. He assumes that everyone else has seen a ton of deer. The fact that two of my friends filled their tags this year adds to his disappointment and thinking. This Saturday we were planning on spending some time either chasing jack rabbits or doing more deer hunting for just a few hours. So I am asking for some help. Do any of you know of a spot that I might have a little success either for jack rabbits or deer? I don't expect anyone to tell P.M. me their honey hole, but my son would be happy to even get a shot of at a doe if you know where some are hanging out.

So do any of you have any idea where we might see some deer in the extended archery unit or if not, do you know where we might get into some bunnies? Thanks a ton in advance for any help you can give us.