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Rod building question

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Rod building question
So I don't know a whole lot about rod building but I am really wanting to get into it. At the beginning of the year I will starting my engineering senior project for collage and will be designing and building a rod wrapping and finishing table. I was planning to base it loosely on the tables for sale on Since it will be a completely custom design I was hoping to find some input or suggestions on features that are necessary or would be nice to have but may not be available on general tables. Also on features that might not be necessary.
I am also currently making a couple molds to be able to pour custom urethane and acrylic handles on the poles I make. I am really looking forward to learning this, so any knowledge and input would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Jake
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Re: [westernization] Rod building question In reply to
Mud hole has a lot of how to videos on their site like wrapping the guides, handle building, finishing, and they have all the equipment. Rod building can be pretty addictive and you are NOT going to save any money building your own rods, unless you build a top of the line rod.
You will need a rod wrapper or some way of holding the rod so you can turn it as you wrap the guides and what ever else. The best way to get started is to get a rod kit, they come with everything you need. Then you can also get a rod building kit that comes with a wrapper and tools and supplies. If you have any specific questions about rod building I should be able to get an answer.