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                        . -Double layer coffee: created a new way to make coffee, if your machine has trouble making 2-3 cups well. Add about 3/4 of your coffee the normal way, then carefully add a second filter over the first , pat it flat and get the filters to fit in to each other well, add the final 1/4 and start. It came out a little more flavorful instead of watery.11-17

-Very disappointing and sad how even on that day, current politics had to enter into to a speech, at the worst time by the worst person possible. Sickeningly, like giving a eulogy to insult the dead and use it for personal gratification. Seemingly trying his best to further divide the world and insult the country that did what it did for yours twice, then got sucked into asian war that was another failure we had to deal with because of your continued military incompetence.

Thinking about nationalism (a kind of umbrella word for many ideas) you need two versions of the word for it to work in The Great War, a kind of good one that results in mostly good and a kind of evil one that is used for propaganda by governments at or going to war. These are all different in the eye of the beholder and are probably at odds in each of us now. In general its overbearing effect was mostly on our side and you can say caused some good. People were the cause and effect of strong nations and ultimately gain more liberties under their names.
Ironically one country has benefited by the good and bad forms of nationalism to a profound degree and its leader insulted everyone that died, not to honor a flag but to honor their past, present and future. On the same ground that Nations defended and saved though it was not their own. As for patriots, the sad thing is, I think France lost them all 100 years ago and never had the benefit of living with for all that time. Your words and ideas were perverted by the war, 104 years ago and your not getting better.
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Re: [willami] Armistice In reply to
Meuse-Argonne :
Thinking of something to help connect us to The Great War was easy enough. Though we have trouble as a country when thinking about this war and its people that seem so close to us in time but in thought we see everything like its now ancient and turned it all into a confusing mythos instead of history. So we choose, I think, to ban and censor the information in our minds of events, that today we surely struggle to fathom, understand or believe due to their enormity.
With that said there's only one part of the war that we American's should re-learn and redefine for the 21st century and be humbled by during the armistice centennial.
Anything else I could add would dampen the effect of reading about a particular battle that was being fought (by our grandparents, great grand parents, great great grandparents) one hundred years ago, that marked the end of the old world. This post is more of a mater of principal than anything else and not really intended for anything in particular. If any interest is sparked by it or opinions added it would be a happy surprise, though.
Information about the Meuse Argonne Offensive should be easy enough to come by in many forms.

It may also a good time to relearn about Alvin York ; one person that stands out to me in the crowd of amazing figures in and around the war ; someone that still remains untarnished in my mind after the positive and negative/true and false have been questioned. Someone who I feel can represent everything the United States Of America has stood for and should always stand for.

The date:
Though beaten the army that failed to follow a set coarse, failed to maintain humanity, failed to decentralize, failed to realize a future that was ready to change coarse, seeing the coarse offset and already defeated but set on it and too ignorant to defeat the beast within ; a United, simple and peaceful destination was corrupted by papers, ideas, invention and blood. Blood carried the trust and the honor that when ready, failed, and very dishonorably so, to God and people that trusted her word.
Joy in peace without peace will not and cannot form ; peace in Life Itself will last despite the results. Ultimate peace can come through ultimate sacrifice ; Was the great idea of the a Great War and we in and of America can realize a new peace, never imagined by creeds, isms or the people that are subject to a bad person, wherever that thing is. A problem wont exist ever, if a correct definition is placed on or around it.

After a pretty cold Veterans Day gloomy with snow, no sun but some breaks in the clouds that missed, it fit into the reality of the past and present.
Saying in hindsight, rhetorically ; we, after the war might have remained, rejected Versailles, encircled and watched. In hindsight the war to end all wars could have been less ambitiously named, now we think of it as the war to define future conflicts and was on hold for couple decades at best.
Pershing, maybe, after removing the Kaisers head by guillotine and asking for no reparations, but longer occupation and forced cooperation . Trying to design friendly boarders on the west and defensive boarders on the east, calming all fires before they grow. A new treaty would include something important along the lines of not blaming germany for the war but for the creation of the U.S.S.R and even communism itself. A certain amount of effort and money would have to be generated for the reversal or to check this.

Instead the king flees ( like at the end of a sonic the hedgehog level) and winners write up a sort of payment plan, like a lottery annuity that doesn't read well into the future.
Thinking to conclude, the microcosm was there in the sinking of Titanic a world apart from her sister that mirrored image, the reflections that divided the past and present.
A very romantic and fragile past- struck by destiny -no fault there after, will or has to be.
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Re: [willami] Armistice In reply to
Churchill: Of the last twenty centuries, he stands out, in these, the most human years, he will stand out, in contrast without fear, without giving in ever, forever.

For his words, He will stand out, for his honour and in the red of our Flags, he will stand out. If removed from the oval office years ago, place his face on rushmore or a new coin at least.

You would of liked him and he you, or not.
- montgomery was strange, not in my lineup

From a very amateur standpoint the plan always is a little hard to grasp, for me, but seems over rated. The Stupid Plan is probably a better name for it, posthumously.
Its easiest for me to think of it tactically as "a extremely good offense is the best defense" but it did so much damage to their reputation that even if victorious the momentum would of turned back on them eventually, kind of like how it happens in WWII.
The real trouble was Germany wasn't a little boy anymore, it looks something like the terminator and sounds similar. When it kicks in the neighbors door and tears up his house to surprise his other neighbor (from the backyard I guess) it somehow gets out of hand and fails to work exactly as planned, hard to imagine, huh? Now enraged he brutally goes on, tripping on his feet, getting more attention from other neighbors and finally a battle neither one could win, itself, starts and the two against one fight gets ugly.
Anyway the 50 year old idea of two fronts was pretty much it and in actuality it turns into three wars against them, France/England+hers, Russia then slowly the United States.
Making a case against them should start with how much it seems like the preparation and fixation suggested they really were just waiting for and wanting the war, mainly against France. Especially when you look at how capable germany really was at defending a huge territory without a real plan. Suggesting they could probably of planned on a completely defense based strategy for them and their allies, no mater the size of the future Russia army they seemed to fear more than anything, despite the impressive ways that Germany stops the Russians it further proves how speciously the Germans thought the war would go when the stalemate continues.
I think the problem of the plan and changes to it were all built into and caused by the plan itself because it was too complicated and large. If I can anything good about the plan is I think now, that it could have worked really well if it was done many years earlier or later if natural technology advances favored Germany and its allies were made stronger. Kind of like WWII without having a WWI, maybe the war that seems so bad, pointless and depressing shouldn't always be thought of as so. Though the great villains like stalin(indirectly), hitler, mussolini- and so on, so were the Churchills, Patons and Einsteins ( along with Tolkiens, Hemingways ) in greater numbers, out of stronger material.
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