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fishing ICE TENT FLAG fishing
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Well read reports saying Scofield has been pretty good by the dam, a total of twelve fish is a pretty slow day to me. Fished from 7-5 all day, and only twelve fish between me and my two uncles. Tried green glow bugs, tube jigs, buckshots, spoons, and vibratos, tried other colored jigs as well ranging from green, red, pink, etc. only things that worked were glow tube jigs, and vibratos. They only liked a lot of movement and a lot of jigging. Ice is safe was fishing in twenty feet of water bouncing off the bottom. Gotta say I will be excited when strawberry freezes over, definitely need some bigger fish! Keep me updated on the ice up there :)
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Re: [scotty_needles] Scofield In reply to
Thanks for the report, that does sound like a slow day, did you fish the same area all day? Were you using any bait? Any chubs caught?

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