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Lure realism again not relevant

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Lure realism again not relevant
Recently I watched a YouTube video where the angler hooked a live crawfish through the tail and presented it to nearby bass. When the bass approached, the craw reared up it's open claws and the bass veered away a bit and would not go near. Another video showed a bass sucking in the craw regardless of pincers.

This made me wonder if a craw lure simulation that shows upright floating claws would be less effective at times, but then I have to go back to my belief that bass and other fish species feel the difference between a fake and the real thing regardless how realistic.

A real crawfish has parts that constantly move subtly even when the animal is stationary on the bottom: antennae, legs, tail and eyes. A plastic craw demonstrates no action except on the move and even then limited to the time of travel from spot to spot. A skirted jig with trailer that many suggest is a craw imitation, at least has a skirt that constantly moves even at rest. Whether fish are fooled by the jig is anyone's guess, but anglers catch more bass on skirted jigs and soft plastics than on any other lure type.

So, when you see a commercial or ad promoting a craw lure that has claws that stand up in a defensive position, in all likelihood bass aren't put off by them simply because the lure doesn't feel like or move like the real thing. It strikes lures for different reasons besides the impulse to feed and IMO it has more to do with irritability and territorialism.
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Re: [SenkoSam] Lure realism again not relevant In reply to
When i'd dip net for craws back in the day, throwing hand fulls at nearby Bass they'd take them immediately as they run for cover. As for lures my biggest fish on a the lure was a 5.. rebel craw on the retrieve along some lillies

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Re: [Paulypro] Lure realism again not relevant In reply to
Can I assume your lure was a craw colored crankbait?

Funny though that so much has been made of crankbait colors while ignoring crankbait action. Almost none of all the lures sold over the last 80 years show any similarity to any prey that lives and moves. Many solid lure types swing side-to-side or waddle through the water. A short list would include billed crankbaits, the Chatterbait, most curved spoons, Helin's Flat Fish, topwater lures like the Spook and Jitterbug and many others. Even the Senko's action is unnatural: rocking tips as the lure drops horizontally.

Sure, one can say fish confuse a lure with live prey, but identifying it is another matter considering the simple fact that you can catch fish using unnatural colors (pink) and with lures that look and move unnaturally, the spinnerbait and Sweet Beaver perfect examples.

Humans have an imagination that fish don't.
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Re: [SenkoSam] Lure realism again not relevant In reply to
another time i was trolling it and hooked into something big that got off. Exciting lure to use even tho i don't typically fish cranks. A peacock bass also fell for this lure on a stop and go retrieve along the bank of a canal.

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