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Jordanelle and Echo 1/11/19

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Jordanelle and Echo 1/11/19
Doitall5000 and I got together to go fishing today (Friday). Both our wives prefer that we don't fish alone for safety reasons, so we buddied up. We got to Rock Cliff at first light and headed out to the ice. The ramp was very slick and we had a fall both going out and coming back. It was a few hundred yards out to where we wanted to fish. When we got there we encountered "technical difficulties" with the drill. Of course we left the back-up auger back in the pickup. We were able to get one hole drilled and the ice was 6.5" thick. Then we had a power issue with the fish finder and couldn't get an accurate depth reading. I dropped a jig down but got no action to encourage us so we decided to just go to Echo. We went into Heber and resolved some of the issues and headed out.

We got to Echo around 10:30. Access was easy. We settled on a spot where the water was ~30" deep. We threw a lot of different things at the perch on the bottom but were rewarded with only a few light nibbles. Verdean finally went to our nearest neighbors to see how they were doing. He came back with a report that they were catching some perch down around 10' on white Gizzillas tipped with waxworms so we switched over to that. The jigs we used had chartreuse heads. I ended up catching one 12.5" rainbow on a chartreuse Gizzilla with waxworm. I also caught a 16.5" rainbow on a 1.5" salt and pepper (Predator) Cut'r Bug with waxy. Verdean had several good bites and landed one rainbow. We caught all the trout at around 10' down. There was nothing shy about how they hit.

We checked with everybody who came by us when leaving. They had had similar success to ours. When we were loading up back at the pickups we asked the guy next to us how they did. They had a good day catching lots of perch and rainbows. They went clear across the lake and were fishing within about 20 yards of the far shore. His young son caught most of the dozen rainbows they got.

Needless to say that it was a very slow day for us but we didn't get skunked at least. There were quite a few people scattered around the lake when got there but it wasn't real crowded. By the time we packed up at 2:15 most of them were gone. We didn't see anyone at Jordanelle.

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Re: [catchinon] Jordanelle and Echo 1/11/19 In reply to
Thanks for the report. Echo seems to be 'regular' now: not hot not cold. I think I'll let it rest from my hooks for a few weeks....

I am impressed by your determination to keep on fishing despite your rough start.

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Re: [catchinon] Jordanelle and Echo 1/11/19 In reply to
Hey Craig did that new auger take too much torque to turn it? I never tried it with my DeWalt, I only used the Milwaukee and that one cut like butter with a hot knife... Hope it's treating you okay... I am finding the thicker ice is a little more work with the Mora I kept... But I expected that... Glad you guys got on the pond and got to tease a few fish... I see your getting quite the mixed bag of fish in the contest, that's great, way to go... Later J