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Knot and line ? from beginner

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Knot and line ? from beginner
Just want verification/suggestion on setting up my first fly.
Here's what I understand when prepping the line and fly.

1- Backing line * nail knot * 8 to 10 inch of 20 to 30 lb. line * loop to loop tied by using double surgeon knots to make loops * leader line at whatever length it's prepackaged at ?? * surgeon knot * Tipit line, I'm thinking about 3 to 4 feet long tipit * improved clinch knot * Fly.

I hope that made sense.. Please let me know if this is a proper technique. Give me suggestions, this is why I'm asking. My next step is to go to the internet and see what video's are available to help me out.

A note to "DryRod": Sorry about that plug. I got the message.
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Re: [Mrak] Knot and line ? from beginner In reply to
I found an infographic that helps you with the knots that you need to tie. Definitely keep it simple at the start. You can add flies and lengthen the leader as required (when you get better). It is attached below.

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