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American from docks

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American from docks
I wanna try and go after some white bass this weekend off the docks at af. Any pointers would be much appreciated. I’ve never gone after white bass anytime of the year let alone on ice. I’m not even sure if there is ice there or not.
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Re: [Ice_Pirate] American from docks In reply to
From my brother catchinon’s post in early January:

“Joatmon and I ice-fished for white bass off the docks at Provo yesterday morning. There was about an inch of ice which yielded easily to his hand auger and my shovel. The action was very slow with he catching a handful including an 11.5" monster that should put him high up in the panfish division in the Challenge. And I, I caught, dunh-ta-ta-duh (trumpets blare and cymbals crash), you guessed it: one fish. However it was a whopping 11" which should put me somewhere up there in the panfish division, too. We saw a few others try and leave apparently fishless so I don't feel so bad. According to one little Asian man who visited us the bite has been off for two weeks.

The best setup was a small Kastmaster with perch meat on the treble. In fact my one fish bit on a deadstick presentation while I was messing with my other rod. My lure was silver and his was silver/blue”

Were you able to get out and find some ice/fish?



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Re: [joatmon] American from docks In reply to
The Utah Lake State Park website reports 4-5" of ice. Some people are fishing off the docks there and I've heard about tents on the ice in the harbor. When I checked the camera today I could see what looked like a big hole with orange cones around it--maybe where someone broke through? The fishing was pretty good a couple of weeks ago but seems to have cooled off lately. Pisco and I would like to try it again for catfish, but we are pretty leery of that ice.

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Re: [catchinon] American from docks In reply to
Yes, fishing at Provo boat harbor has slowed down quite a bit. I was there Friday afternoon and got into a school of small white bass, with a few good-sized ones mixed in. The live view camera seems to be down at the time of this posting.
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