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How I Prepare & Store My Whipping ...

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How I Prepare & Store My Whipping "Spin Casting" Rigs!
What Is A Whipping Rig?

A local term in Hawaii referring to the look of a Spin Castor casting his line. To some it looks like "cracking the whip", thus whipping. This is probably the most popular form of fishing in the Hawaiian Islands. Anglers can use grubs to bait & flies. Cast assist devices range from lead eggs to water filled "tough" bubbles to the very popular Hammer Bombs (a local adaptation of a modified golf ball).

Over the years i've videoed myself whipping to outlining my whipping leader set-up. Recently i've been asked how i ready my rod & reel for whipping. Depending on how serious you're desire to be a angler is you can just slap that reel on a rod and away you go. But i tend to get up at 2am & decide i'm going fishing & it's out the door. I keep ready made dry bags & leaders ready to go at a moments notice. And also ready made dunking "bait casting" to whipping rigs.

So i decided to show what i do for my lifestyle choice of relaxation. This is only a guide for salt water fishing day & night from the shoreline. If you find anything helpful to your game then it was worth sharing this.