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Combinations find and trigger fish -...

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Combinations find and trigger fish - basics
Many of us have seen winning combinations that find and trigger fish, similar to the combination of a lock where only certain numbers will open it.

Basic parts of the combination: where to fish; what to fish and how to fish both.

This video is a good example of what and how to fish lures:

Pretty much every body of water - lake or river - is different regarding where fish will be seasonally or week by week. Structure is defined as fish attracting areas that may hold fish depending on predictable or unpredictable reasons. The shallows are predictable for spawning fish, weed edges, rock walls and hard bottoms have their moments.

How many caught fish show up on sonar beneath the boat? Rarely in my experience (probably because I rarely fish deeper than 15' though I have vertical jigged and caught fish in less than 5'). Casting and trolling lures are the usual methods of finding and catching fish, though as the video shows, vertical fishing can catch bunches of school fish.

When it comes to what to fish, structure and depth usually dictates that as well as which presentation (lure/ lure action and speed). These are key parts of the combination needed to catch fish - IE trigger strikes once fish are found.

The video points out that many anglers could care less what fish think a lure is but that the lure has what it take to start the sequence of 1. arousing curiosity, 2. getting fish to stayed focused
on the lure, 3. getting the fish to do a taste test of the object and hopefully 4. getting the fish excited enough to attack the lure and maybe excite nearby fish to do the same.

Lure size is part of the combination: too large? - downsize. Presentation is another: jerked to fast or too often, slow it down or pause longer either middepth or on bottom.

After so many years, finally someone produced a video with comments that explain how important are the combination of factors, including key angler choices resulting in more fish caught. But the nice thing about combinations is that there are many that will work on a single outing! Lure choices are many, as are the varied presentations that work them. Locations may be just a few or widespread.

Discover combinations and have a great day on the water!
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