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How I Prepared Fishing Leaders & Gear...

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How I Prepared Fishing Leaders & Gear For Day & Night Spinning!
How I Prepared Gear For Okuma's Visiting Anglers!

I had to get everything ready to take Jeff Robles, Robert Nguyen & John Bretza out for whipping (spin casting) the shorelines day & night. Not the easiest thing to do as these master anglers represent Okuma Fishing. I knew they depended on me to share some great spots & to accommodate all their on site requirements. So i thank God that i guessed correctly in the equipment & riggings required.

So i decided to throw a quick video together on what i decided to use & how i assembled the items needed to accommodate this group. I'm not a guide nor do i commonly fish with others. What i did notice is they watched what i used & how i casted & they picked it up immediately. Best bunch of guys i ever fished with! I loved the fishing tales & adventures shared while whipping & latter chowing down. These guys have traveled the World doing what they love to do. It's like i'm at home being with them:)
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