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Cascade Lake Idaho Jumbo Perch...

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Cascade Lake Idaho Jumbo Perch Disappointment
Drove the 10 hours all night and arrived to Cascade Lake Idaho around 6 AM, but couldn't sleep so grabbed a coffee at Stinker Stores along with three packages of Night Crawlers in Donelly. While there two older fishermen were headed back to Wisconsin and it sounded like they were headed home after catching not much of anything. That wasn't what I wanted to hear but was confident we would find them and catch them no matter how slow it was. My brother and I headed down to the Poison creek ramp which was all snowed in this year. Very limited parking. Got all loades up and headed out with great excitement. Travel conditions were perfect. When we punched some holes there were fish on the Marcum right away... but nothing was happening. Jaw Jackers sitting untouched... no bites. Just swimming by. We picked up a few and decided to move. We explored a few spots and ended up back at the first spot. It was a long day after probably being awake for 36 hours with especially slow and disappointing fishing. Didn't get many perch on video but stick around till the end to see some nice pictures we got of some giant slobs. The biggest fish of the day was still 15 1/4" and 2 pounds 3 ounces. Hardly terrible fishing. Just worse than expected.

Next video is much better I promise.
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Re: [Calicanuck] Cascade Lake Idaho Jumbo Perch Disappointment In reply to
Thanks for the report, too bad the catching wasn't better, hope it improved for you two. Looks like conditions were good. Did you rent snowmobiles there or bring them from home?

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