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Fishing challenge! Second episode

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Fishing challenge! Second episode
Amazon and walmart are the best way to find some cheapest soft plastics compared with some big brand baits, but can they beat name brand? How to choose the right one when shopping on amazon?Fish On
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Re: [woodyyyy] Fishing challenge! Second episode In reply to
Would have replied sooner if I had seen your post.
As far as quality soft plastic lures, it always depends on a few things such as plastic softness, lure design, color consistency and most important - lure action. Buying a brand name doesn't guarantee any or all of the four properties. It depends on the source whether it's someone who pours plastics in their basements (like I do) or mass produces in a factory.

Lure design is key and consists of a combination of size, shape and action. Depending on the species fished, for any of the three determine whether or not fish are provoked to strike. Senkos are excellent for bass but other sticks costing much less do the job just as well when a vertical presentation is chosen.

When it comes to panfish lures, many designs work great and many originate from small homegrown companies such as those on Ebay. It's not the cost that should be a factor but how well the lure catches fish.
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