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Amazing when anglers call to go...

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Amazing when anglers call to go fishing I rarely hear from
You might think the Hudson River valley in NY would have a lot of anglers looking to fish with other local anglers. I was born here and can tell you that at age 70 they are few and many not dependable.
Sure, when I belonged to BASS clubs I got to fish with anglers better than me and a minority not up to par even as boaters. But once you leave a club, that's it - no more partner outings unless friends for many years.

Recently though, I've reconnected with four anglers that I've known for years but rarely fished with or fished a lot with and we parted company for reasons beyond me. They don't even visit fishing forums to see what I've posted so that can't be it.

We'll see how often we hook up this year though I'm not expecting much except from one angler I've known the longest and who will always go fishing at the drop of the hat.

We reconnected last year after I told him out loud when he was seated near other anglers that he was the best fishing partner I ever enjoyed fishing with. It takes a lot for me to say that about any angler and in fact I'd rather fish alone than with most anglers I've fished with.
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Re: [SenkoSam] Amazing when anglers call to go fishing I rarely hear from In reply to
I am 63 years old and fished some as a kid, but my folks split when I was 9 so had no dad to take me fishing. Tried to fish for a while back in the 80's but was so bad and had no partner to learn from; I read a lot of magazines, but they did not help much. Then in my mid thirties I tried again and have been fishing since. Problem is I only go out 4 or 5 times a year because I seldom catch any fish except small pan fish. I watch videos online and listen to podcasts and try to learn, but I have never had a fishing partner. So when I go I go alone. I even tried one of those fishing buddy websites, but that was useless.

One fish at a time...
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Re: [lskiles] Amazing when anglers call to go fishing I rarely hear from In reply to
Reading your blog it looks like you do ok.

But I know what your talking about regarding the difficulty finding fishing partners. I paid a lot to belong to bass clubs and couldn't help picking up different things that helped me become more versatile.

Now I wonder if the four that want to fish with me just want to learn my spots.

In any case, if you need some suggestions, we could go into where you're at right now - the type waters you fish and how much versatility is needed to fish them. Do a search on my forum name to see posts. I like sharing with anglers from other states and even anglers that live in Great Britain and Australia on their forums.
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