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It is a sad thing.......

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It is a sad thing.......
.....when one has to settle for a Carp to keep from getting skunked. I was hoping the National Weather Service would get the forecast correct this past weekend. Well, they semi got it right, just on wrong days.
I took some time off Friday and went to Bear River. The river is up and running hard, so didn't bother with my normal first stop, although someone left a small flag on the post.Wink Went all the way to the bottom. Was hoping to post my first contest Cat this weekend. Nope, didn't happen. Caught a small Carp at one spot, and that was it. Got more bait now. Last spot I stopped on my way out Friday, I set my pole up and barely got the line in the water, and the big dark cloud that had followed, or should I say chased me from the bottom bridges back toward the entrance, suddenly caught me and opened up. Wind blown sleet ! Mad. Waited a few and when it blew over, pack my stuff and headed home.
Weather Saturday was terrible in the morning, and by the time it got fair enough to head out, it was too late in the day for us. So Sunday we decide to go rain or shine, and it did and didn't (did rain and didn't shine) Frown Was able to scare up another Carp, but that was it.
Maybe this weekend. But hope there is more than just one nice day between Friday and Sunday. Need to get the boat back on the water to make sure all is still working before the Flotilla on the 4th. Fish On
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Re: [Tin-Can] It is a sad thing....... In reply to
Hang in there Forest. Good times are coming!