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Jack Attack At High Noon!

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Jack Attack At High Noon!
Unusual Time For A Strike! Struck & Ran Hard!

I was sitting down making leaders with hooks on my thigh when the 12' Cedros came crashing down. By the time i got to my rig the fish was moving fast towards the right coming in towards me. This was bad, showed me this fish was hooked before (had a rusted hook inside the mouth). It was coming in to go under the pier to snap the line. The mainline did starting fraying against the edge of the concrete & the leader got wrapped around a pillar when it dove underneath but i managed to safely pull it back out to be netted.

I used a 12ft Cedros MH Surf Rod with a Azores 55 Spinner. Leader was 50lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon with a 3/0 Ringed Mustad Live Bait Ultra Hook. The castability of this rod enabled me to get the bait out farther then the other 4 rigs. Got the heart pumping to see the rod go down as far as it did. This is a white trevally. Months earlier at night i hooked a GT in the same area at 1am.