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Bait Casting An Ultralight Can Be Fun!

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Bait Casting An Ultralight Can Be Fun!
Using My Okuma SST & Ceymar Reel w/4lb Monofilament Line!

I was whipping my ultralight rig but wanted to take a lunch break so i placed the rig in a rock spike. To set the spike i ran back to my wagon to get a water-filled bucket. When i returned something struck my squid. Hard. I almost lost my rig! But i was able to grab my SST Rod & fight the fish. It dove into structure where afterwards i inspected the line & it was badly shredded. After a few minutes i was able to beach the large "Pualu" Surgeonfish. For awhile i didn't even know what i hooked. I had 3 take down heavy strikes latter on but all lines were cut. Toothy critters were around today. The visiting Aussies on the point brought in 1 shark & i had another swim around my baits. One small turtle unfortunately went down. Just wanted to share a typical day for me. Tomorrow it's back to bowling (air conditioning)!