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FirstLight, Chickamauga, Bass, 5/4/19 -...

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FirstLight, Chickamauga, Bass, 5/4/19 - CFF #5, Nauticman
Dad and I had a pretty iffy start to say the least. Watched a boat set down where we planned on starting so we kept on going to our 2nd stop lol. Bite was slow for us the 1st hour. The first bite I finally have, a fish crushes my creature bait. I set the hook, feel ALOT of weight, and even with the drag is torked down the fish ran me up under some structure like a freight train and gets off. I could not keep her from going under there. oh well, at least we feel we might be on to something. Not long after that I set the hook on another fish at close quarters. This one I get to open water and she comes up and goes crazy all around the boat - jumps 4 times, gills slapping, totally clearing the water, wild fish, 7 pluser for sure, maybe bigger. Get her boat side, Dad is ready with the net and she makes one last jump and out comes the flipping hook. Needless to say we are a little in shock at this point. I get up and just start casting again. We fish on and get a couple small keepers on the same pattern. We started getting a lot of bites, just the wrong size. By this time the storm rolls in and we head for our standard storm shelter. Couple guys are already in there and we see a few more boats heading that way. One was Buddy Gross with his cameraman and a couple spectators. We hole up, eat lunch and wait it out. After storm passes we move to some deeper water and start finding some quality bites including our big fish which was a 6 pluser in 12 F.O.W. <br /><br />At one point during the morning, we were very discouraged but kept fishing and ended up having a really good day. They were eating good. We figured there would be some really good bags checked in. We made the decision the night before to fish slow movers all day. The short time I threw a lipless I caught a slab crappie and that was it. Other than that we threw shakeys, t-rigs, jigs, and dad did throw a spinner bait some. I threw a buzz bait a good bit early and not a sniff which really surprised me. <br /><br />Congrats to all that placed. Good bags for sure. <br /><br />Thanks to the committee for putting it together and keeping up with everything. <br /><br />