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Re: [Lemmonsd] Causey Surprise

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Re: [Lemmonsd] Causey Surprise
I bought a Dave Scadden fishing kayak that has similarities to a standup paddleboard yet it is a well designed inflatable fishing kayak.

I choose it for the advantages of both with the stability and functionality for fishing and to use it for standup paddleboarding with it's firm floor of the type that is an inflatable standup paddleboard which also makes it possible to stand to cast and see surface feeding fish better for sight fishing.

I see you have experience in standup paddleboards and kayaks and of course fishing at Causey, so I'm asking for your insights particularly since I've never been there.

Also related to my recent post on Free Fishing Day on Saturday, June 8, I'm offering to a standup paddleboard group that favors Causey for it's low wake virtues, to help beginners have a productive and fun introduction to fishing using my equipment and tackle while not needing to have that investment nor needing a license.

It would be nice to go the evening before to camp on a shore there to wake up already there and refreshed to cast out in the early Saturday morning when the fish are biting, so since you fish there, perhaps you might know if camping on a shore there would be practical and permitted.

Your insights, ideas and suggestions of possibilities are invited.

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Ronald :)

Let's go fishing! I prefer to fish with others. I'm well equipped with plenty to share and have a vehicle with amazing off road capabilities to get us to even hard to reach fishing destinations. Let's team up! Private Message me to suggest I come to where you're fishing or plan a trip with me!

Who here is a surf fisherman? That's my next big vacation. I've already purchased top equipment for surf fishing. I'm looking to hire a guide or go with someone experienced.

Date proposal to single young BFT fisherladies with courage enough to put a worm on a hook. Dinner before and movie: Dark Phoenix IMAX Luxury seats Tuesday, June 21 at the Jordan Commons IMAX in Sandy. I can pick you up or meet you there.
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