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hoop235, Chick, CFF #6, 5th Place,...

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hoop235, Chick, CFF #6, 5th Place, Bass, 5/31/19, th31385
Well to start with, things didn't go as planned. My partner had never fished at night so I've been pumping him up about making sure he had fluorescent line and how much fun it is to watch your line at night. Well we get to the boat ramp and start prepping the boat and I realized that I forgot to bring the Blacklights. emoBang So I told him we're going to scrap everything we had planned and that we were going up river to fish some ledges because we wouldn't be tangled up in the trees all night. Well that turned out to be a good move. Our first stop in the grass didn't produce anything so we made a move and right off the bat started catching fish. Or I should say HE started catching fish. After about 30min. he catches a 5lb LM and we're off to a good start. About another hour into this he say's "get the net" and lands another good fish. When we get in the boat, we were temporarily confused because it didn't look right. As I picked the fish up to get the worm out of his mouth, I realized that it's a big Smallmouth!! emoDance Needless to say we were pumped up and having a good time in the dark. emoLaugh . For the rest of the TX all we could get in the boat was a 1.8lb LM. (Had a couple on that would've beat that but that's fishing)<br />I played net man all night and my partner ended up winning big SM with 4.56lb and we finished 5th with 10.45lb.<br />All fish were caught on worms in 8-14' fow.<br />I want to say thanks to all to run this TX as it is a great group of people to fish with. <br /><br />