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60 fish - in July no less !

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60 fish - in July no less !
I found a flat 6' deep that has held a large number of panfish for days. Nice thing since I seem to be the only angler that knows how to fish the area 40 yds x 60 yds. I attribute my catch to a few things:
1. Sonar must show bait fish down below, hopefully indicating fish in the area. Hasn't been wrong yet.

2. 8 # test braid and a light action rod made a big difference detecting strikes from any distance, allowed long casts of 1/16 oz jig heads and soft plastics and easy hook sets with little rod tip action.

3. I constantly checked hook sharpness and gap especially after freeing the lure from submerged stumps which opens the gap and loses fish.

4. Bright colored lures seem to work best in green algae colored water. Bright white, pink and chartreuse did well.

5. The Beetle Spin and Crappie Magnet on a 1/16 oz jig head did surprisingly well all day:

6. A spike tail did much better than curl tail grubs:

In fact many different shaped soft plastic lures work:

Lures that caught crappie, sunfish and bass:

7. But for everything to work, a slow retrieve with pauses and rod tip twitches was absolutely necessary!

Once an area dried up, I moved the boat 15' and started fan casting around it noting in which direction I got hits. A few times the boat would drift over a school and I cast behind the boat. Dang if I didn't catch a few fish!

The day started out cool and cloudy but brightened under a clear sunny sky. It didn't matter, I caught fish all day long!
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