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60,60,108 and 96 fish in 4 outings in...

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60,60,108 and 96 fish in 4 outings in July
It's a very weird year on this one local lake I've fished for years.
The numbers in the title were fish caught on different outings - the smaller numbers mine, the larger numbers a combination of fish caught by myself and my partner. Very strange was his catching 4 catfish on Crappie Magnet grubs rigged on 1/16 oz jigheads on one outing! We caught mostly crappie over 10" along with nice size bluegills, some perch and a few bass.

Both of us are using 8# test braid / no leader. At times the lure was struck just beneath the surface as the jig splashed down. At other times the fish struck 2' down in 6' of water. Some strikes were hard others soft.

I got crappie on this hybrid using a Mr Twister modified tail and re-attaching it the grub's body:

here's some others:

The key was staying in 6' and finding fish in the area on sonar. We would catch fish, anchor and when the bite stopped moved the boat 20' and cast some more.

Most fish put a serious bend in our light action rods! For the near future our day time temps are going to hit 90 making outings limited to 8am - 1pm. No point in getting heat stroke.
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