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Mill Hollow

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Mill Hollow
I am going to camping up around Kamas this weekend and thinking of going over there to give it a try never fished it before any advise welcomed.T.I.A.
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Re: [icejunkie] Mill Hollow In reply to
Beautiful right now - but you already know the place probably.

Recently fished it with a fly rod and did fairly well - try nymphs slow sinking deeper for tigers. You can also use leeches patterns - jerking them slightly worked for me but be patient. Rainbows can be had at different depths - if you are really early go top water.

Also did afternoon with hardware - If using spinning gear mepps or panther martins seemed to work for rainbows up top or mid depth and down lower seemed like rapala or the like got some fiar attention from the tigers.

As always switch up patterns if something not working as you think it should.

Of course things could have changed in the last couple weeks.
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Re: [Fishhound] Mill Hollow In reply to
Thanks for your reply. You never know how many other people welcome your info.

Do you catch many brooks? Any idea what bait might work Blush.

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