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Utah Lake BI skunk killer.....

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Utah Lake BI skunk killer.....
Made a fast half day trip to LB yesterday. Got on the water about 7:30. Was a bit surprised there were very few boats out. Out of the LB channel pulled around to the south east into about 8 fow and started to get my poles re-rigged from being used on the Bear River.
Put out 2 lines with worms, one under a bobber, one on the bottom hoping for a hungry carp to take one and provide me some bait. After about an hour, no go. Decided since the water was fairly calm I would head out to Bird Island. Always seems to be plenty of carp out there. Figure I would slow troll my way out there and dropped 2 lines off with small 2" rat-l-traps. One Yellow and chrome, one gold and black. Moving in a straight line towards BI at about .90 to 1.10 mph, had lines in the water 5 minutes. Yellow and chrome line drag stripped out, boated a white bass. 10 minutes later gold and black drag jerked, then went slack. Reeled it in anyway. Good thing I did. Another whitie was well hooked but had come back towards me.
Great ! Got bait now.
Got to BI on west side. A pontoon boat on south west corner looked and sounded to be having a great time.
Put out one line with a WB head under a bobber, and one line with another WB chunk on the bottom but with no weight in an attempt to keep it from snagging.
About 10 a.m. bobber disappeared and reel drag stripped out. Boated a respectable female kitty. Not contest bumper size, just shy of 26", but good enough to justify the drive down from Ogden.
Caught 2 more Cats the next hour. Light breeze that had been keeping the bugs at bay, died to that typical flat calm that turns the water light green, and the day was getting hot.
Headed back to LB marina about 1130, and back on the road home by 1230.
Except for the 2 white bass kept for bait, all fish were released only a little worse for wear with a new lip piercing.

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Re: [Tin-Can] Utah Lake BI skunk killer..... In reply to
Good job Forest. Way to kill that skunk!
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Re: [Jig-fisher] Utah Lake BI skunk killer..... In reply to
Thanks Paul. Wife and I are planning another overnight trip next weekend. Hope we can do as well or better then.