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SethColeman, Nickajack-CFF, Spot, 07...

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SethColeman, Nickajack-CFF, Spot, 07/18-19/19, Mike Gregory
Well at least it didn’t rain.......started out running up to the dam, and fishing the left side bank. There were several boats that had the same idea.(hopefully they caught fish). Fished there until almost dark, and only a few pick ups on shakey head.(probably gar). Moved down to the rip rap at the golf course and finally boated a 10” spot. Well, that’s it for the report because that’s all we boated. Stayed there for a about an hour, and moved to the left side of the river in less current, worked all the way down to Aquarium, same as everywhere else, nada. Moved back to original spot and drifted down again, and nada. We were done, loaded up around midnight.<br />Water temp 84-85<br />Depth boat in 10-14 throwing to 1-6ft.<br />Seth<br />1/16 Oz owner shakey head, 6.25” berkley havoc bottom hopper green pumpkin/ red flake and black emerald.<br />1/2 Oz berkley jig black/brown with zoom speed craw green pumpkin trailer.<br />Black 190 whopper plopper<br />3/8 tungsten Texas rigged keitech custom 6” creature. Black/red<br /><br />Mike<br />1/2-1oz black/blue and black/purple strike king night time spinnerbaits.<br />3/8 Texas rigged 6” June bug ring worm.<br />Big bite cane thumper swim bait.<br />Mike has a rough night with baits. He brought a bag of new baits, and I’m pretty sure he hung all of them up:( <br /><br />Hope everyone else did well. When the shakeyhead doesn’t produce, there is something wrong;)