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What kind of fish is this??

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What kind of fish is this??

Sorry if this post already exists, I promise I'm not trying to troll. I'm fairly new to freshwater fishing, and have recently been fishing a lot in a stream near my home. I've caught several of the fish in the picture I attached to this post. I've looked all over the Indiana DNR Sport Fishing page, and haven't been able to find anything that looks quite like this. It could be something totally mundane, but seeing as I'm new to the sport, I am completely curious! Can anybody tell me what this bad boy is? It was about 8-10 inches long.

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Re: [iosman123] What kind of fish is this?? In reply to
 You make it sound like you are from Indiana but you IP address says you are in
the City of Kolkata, in India, you guys need to give up on the stuff.

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