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Fishing with Aerial Photographs, taken ...

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Fishing with Aerial Photographs, taken prior to flooding

The value of aerial photographs is that they allow the user to visually see (IN DETAIL) what the lake floor has to offer. Generally, most lakes are timbered prior to flooding. Where you see trees on the photos these are now stumps. Where you see buildings, foundation rubble usually remains. As you study the lake floor with the Photo Guide, the first thing you should concentrate on is locating structure. Bass do not indiscriminately swim all over the lake. They relate to irregularities which are close to the shallows and which offer good spawning grounds, sufficient cover for protection, foraging and stable water conditions. There are could be stumps along a creek channel, a pile of rubble, foundations or the steep banks of a roadbed. The point is, fish holding areas may be a very small irregularity. Many of which are overlooked. By closely examining the photographs you will see thousands of likely areas that should be fished.

Click on the link for more information. Guides are available for purchase for MD, VA, NC & PA lakes and reservoirs.

Illustration example:

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