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The right stuff

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The right stuff
It occurredto me the other half of the equation when it comes to finesse or any other presentation while fishing with someone yesterday that doesn't get it - yet. He was using my lures but with a hook size too large as well as not putting the lure on straight.

Fish may not know what a lure represents but it does sense when something doesn't feel right (lateral line and sight). p.2 of this post brings that into focus.

Even his rod was not of the right action to accomplish proper hook sets even while seeing me catch fish after fish in different locations. In four hours I caught 30 fish to his 7 - and two ofthose were using trolled crankbaits. Of course when he caught a bass on a 5" Senko with a swivel, it seemed to him that the rod shouldn't matter nor the reel and line.

Gear coupled withangler lure manipulation is as important as lures used in the right hands. The best anglers know this as well as knowing what a lure can do and the various ways to use it - the other important part.