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LB report last 3 days of contest

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LB report last 3 days of contest
Like Richard I need to report on our catfishing for Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. I fished with Mooseman and Tyfighter and beside Pisco. We all caught fish with Tyler posting a 26" bumper. Justin and I couldn't find any over 27.5-28" so no bumps for us. I caught 10 on Saturday, 9 on Monday and just 2 on Tuesday which was a really short day. We strolled out to the island and back. Flaits and Santees seemed to work equally well. If I hadn't caught my biggest fish this time last year I would say that the idea that the big ones come out to play in the fall is just a myth. Most of ours were cookie cutters from 20-24". When we caught some 25-27"ers we thought we were pulling in some really big fish. Oh well, as Pisco said, we should be happy just to be out there catching fish and some rays. I spent some time fishing alone and found an easier way to launch and load my boat. You might say I'm still catchinon. We saw Richard and Violet and Ben and it was good to know that we were all battling down to the wire. Looks like we, the south team, barely squeaked out a win in the Top 20. We just couldn't catch enough of the really big fish to catch up to the north. Hats off to them for a great win once again.

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One thing is for sure, you put in some late season hrs trying to get that bump on cats in the new boat. You ought to get a consolation prize for that

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