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Last Two Days

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Last Two Days
MrsJ keeps reminding me I should post a report of our last two days of the Cat Contest.

Actually the last three days of fishing were pretty good. Saturday we made a quick return to the ramp due to my forgetfulness. I forgot to seal a couple of holes where I had removed my old transducer. A quick trip back home for a quick fix and we were back on the water. It's kinda nice when ya only live about fifteen minutes from the lake.

We fished out in front of Mud Lake in 10 FOW searching for the elusive 30"er. We used an assortment of colored actors baited with White Bass. I can't tell you which was the best because they all caught fish. At times it was a fish every 15 minutes then it was 1 an hour then it went dead.

Monday we put 20 in the net, our largest 28 1/2"
Tuesday we put 22 in the net. our largest 28". both days we got several 27" or better just not what we were looking for.

We reduced the population by 16, 24" or less. They're going to taste sooo good.

Especially on Tuesday; we had many hard strikes along with several quick releases.

It has been a lot of fun fishing this year with my new fishing buddy.

I thank everyone that we have been able to talk with this Cat contest season. And a big thanks to Jeff for his willingness,time and effort to put it together.

It's time to switch gears now, and tackle boxes.

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Re: [r2u2] Last Two Days In reply to
Hey Richard, I don't always comment on your posts but I want you to know that I have really enjoyed your "Ventures with Violet" this year. Sounds like you guys are a good match...fishingwise too.

Congrats on some great catches. Good luck next year. Maybe I can get down that way more often and we can fish the same water again. Miss fishing with you in your Banana Yak.