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Pier Fishing All Nighter!

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Pier Fishing All Nighter!
Catching Live Bait For Slide Fishing At Night!

It was nice to spend the night fishing. No wind last night so the mosquitos were relentless! Got there at lunchtime and proceeded to catch live bait for the night. I recently got some Soft Steel "stretchable" Fluorocarbon line from Davey Brown to try. Didn't get any big strikes to fight so i'll experiment more using this line (comes in monofilament, fluorocarbon & braid).

All night i was getting small hits. Seems like there was a bait stealer eating-up all my live and dead O'ama Goatfish. 20ft from me fellow angler Chaz Ili was having the same issues. Seems we were feeding a fish that was running back & forth between us. Then at 5:30am the next morning that mystery fish struck again. This time it got hooked. Was a nice sized White Trevally.